Trezor Suite Desktop & GPG Requirement

I have the Trezor T.
Two questions regarding Trezor Suite:

To use the Desktop Version, a GPG utility is needed. Can anyone recommend a free utility or are all paid subscriptions?

Is using Trezor Suite a necessity or can all buying/selling/using crypto be done from the Wallet?


Hi @CrypGirl_1970,

there is no need to have GPG software installed in order to use the desktop version of Trezor Suite. You can use Trezor Suite for desktop if your OS meets these requirements:

You can use GPG to verify the downloaded installation file. More information at

You can also use the web version of Trezor Suite which runs in your browser so you don’t need to install anything.

The web version can be found here: Trezor Suite

Please note that you need Trezor Bridge installed on your computer for the web version. You can download it from this source: Trezor Suite
(use supported browsers for the web version of Trezor Suite - Chrome and Firefox)

General information on Trezor Suite can be found at

I would also like to mention that using of Trezor Suite is not mandatory, you can use your Trezor device with 3rd party apps that support Trezor devices. However, using Trezor Suite is recommended.

ok very good. Thank you for clarifying.
My version OS meets requirements so I will use Trezor Suite desktop version.
I found the GPG to be super confusing so I will disregard.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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