Trezor Standard Wallets Metamask Connection

i have trezor one. And i have 2 accounts in my standard wallet.

i need to connect them to metamask. because i have bsc tokens.

but i can not see any of these accounts when i try to connect to metamask.

All i can see is hidden wallets. 100 of empty accounts.

but i have tokens only in my standard wallet accounts.

What can i do to connect my standard wallets to metamask?

@Dayt if you are looking for standard wallet in Metamask then simply enter empty passphrase when asked for i (click green button without entering anything)

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omg it worked. Thank you!

Hello Forgi
Does this also solve my own described Trezor Case here?

Every case is specific, as users have different passphrases, or they are not using passphrase-protected wallets at all. If your coins are in a passphrase (hidden wallet), then you have to type in the exact same passphrase that you’ve once created for them. On the other hand, if your funds are not in a hidden wallet though you are prompted to type in a passphrase, leave the prompt window blank and it will help you get to your funds.