Trezor Shamir Backup ▫


I’m trying to decide between Single Backup and Shamir Backup.

For Shamir Backup:

If I ever need to recover, do I need the threshold of people to recover or can I do it alone if I still remember the whole recovery seed?

Do I have to physically be with each of the shares to reconstruct the password? Or is it more simple like they get an email for with an approve button?

Thank you all in advance.

Hi @suri1980

As for Shamir backup, to recover the wallet, a specified number of shares has to be collected and used. You can keep it wherever you want, and no one else is needed.

Please, read the following articles to make sure you fully understand this backup.

Thank you Pavel for your response!

Hi guys, I use a trezor as HW wallet for my NFT collection on ETH. Is there a difference if I use Shamir backup or regular one? Can there be any risks compared to regular seed? It is really great way to increase the security. Are there any risks if trezor ends as a company? I see that ledger doesn’t support this.I better ask to have this clear than losing my collection :joy:
Thanks a lot