Trezor Scam / Recovery Seed

So i just got a new trezor and i was setting it up and found out same exat website that wanted me to put in my information also my recovery seed, and they were exatly the same and somhow i make a transfer of 5000$ and lost it all i know its all gone but i just want you guys to be aware and i am a security guy but i cannot do anything alone please help me take this site down.

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Hi @crypto.protector,

thank you for reporting the phishing site. It has been already reported.

It’s really important to have your recovery seed words recorded safely since only the recovery seed backup can be used to recover your wallet if your device gets damaged, destroyed, lost, or stolen. You should never enter your recovery seed online. Please, learn more about the importance of the recovery seed in this article:
and in this blog post: Learn about: Recovery seed. The recovery seed is one of the… | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

It is also important to always check the address of the web version of Trezor Suite you are visiting. The phishing site you visited can be found on a strange domain:

Genuine web version of Trezor Suite can be found only at

Please, check for more information.