Trezor Safe 3 Holographic Tape Check

Hi all, I just received my Trezor Safe 3 in that mail. I carefully inspected it as I unboxed it. Nothing jumped out to me (other then some rattling in the box, think it was the cable). Once I got the the actual Trezor, I noticed the holographic tape wasn’t lined up straight. The silver end was crooked and hung over the side a little bit. I peeled it off to see how solid it was and it seemed okay, like it wasn’t taken off and put back on already. Should I be concerned or it this normal? Every unboxing I’ve watched the tape seemed perfectly applied and not crooked. I have not used it yet and won’t until I’m sure there is nothing malicious going on. Thanks

Hi @Carp,

From your description, it looks like the seal has just been placed slightly crookedly. We are sorry about it.

May I ask you where you purchased your Trezor device, was it from our official eshop or from an official reseller?

Please, check these articles for more information on how to authenticate packaging and genuinity of Trezor Safe 3:

If your device meets all other security checks, there is no need to worry.

I purchased from the official eshop trezor (dot) io. I am concerned about plugging it into my computer if I am not 100% sure it’s safe to do so.

@Carp you don’t need to be worried about plugging the Trezor into your computer, it cannot install any virus/mallware into it.

If you purchased from our official eshop, the device is genuine.