Trezor safe 3 connect to IOS app?

Hi, I would like to pre-order the new Trezor 3, but I have a question. I primarily use my iPhone, and I noticed that the iOS app doesn’t offer the option to connect with the Trezor key for making transactions. Are there any plans to introduce this functionality on iOS?

Hi, Trezor Suite Lite app is currently “watch only” so you can track your balances or generate receiving addresses via xpubs.

It is not possible to connect any phone. iOS is not supported with Trezor at all.

yes i know its “watch only” for now , but is there any ongoing development to enable Trezor connectivity with iOS? I believe this feature is crucial.

and “is not possible to connect any phone” not true! you can connect a trezor with an android phone using chrome

You are correct, I meant not possible to connect Trezor to Trezor Suite Lite app…yet

You can connect to Android phone using web version of Suite and Chrome as you mentioned.

The issue with iOS is the are the Apple’s restrictions on connecting 3rd party devices, it might come in the future though.

:pensive: Apples are really annoying. I hope that Trezor Suite (not Lite) will be available on iOS in the near future.