Trezor Safe 3 Come with only 1 recovery seed card

Hello, I just received my trezor safe 3 package. I bought it directly from trezor io.

The package looks good, the holographic seal is intact however in my package I only got 1 recovery seed card. On trezor website it says that there should be 2 recovery seed card.

I personally have no problem with only received 1 recovery seed card, however is there any chance that my device or my package has been tampered with since there’s only one recovery seed card?
Or everything is safe and it’s just human packaging error?

Thank you

Hello @Saharacrypto,

I am sorry that one recovery seed card is missing from your package.

If you bought the device from our official shop and there was no issue based on the authentication, it is a human packaging error and I am sorry about that.

If you need another recovery seed card, you can print it from our website:

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