Trezor rreports Invalid passphrase

I just finshed setting up a new trezor and created addresses but before I send tokens to thhem I wanted to be sure it works, but now whhen I try to login to the wallet I just created, trezor reports: Passphrase confirmation error: Invalid passphrase

I am 100% sure that I am using the same passphrase because I enabled it 5 minutes ago. What to do?

Don’t understand this, as far as I’m aware, there aren’t any ‘invalid’ passphrases.
The trezor doesn’t remember passphrases you’ve used before.
It just generates a new wallet based on any random characters you give it.

Is the trezor suite your using the genuine trezor suite, not some scam version?

If you mistyped your passphrase a pop up appears to confirm, Trezor then expects to confirm this “mistyped” passphrase to open a new empty wallet.

Unplug your Trezor before trying the passphrase again. If the same happens you mistyped it the first time.

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