Trezor Reseller? - 2019 Purchase

I purchased a Trezor Model One back in 2019. I’ve full wiped and set up new wallets with it at least 3 times over the years since then (most recently this month).

This was before I knew to buy direct from the manufacture with HW wallets… The seller was “TekLiv Store” on Amazon (4.9/5 star seller with 721 review). But it looks like the real business name was as follows:

Business Name: CBC Sales LLC
Business Address:
1881 55st
New York

I’m having a hard time remembering the packing from 2019… but it must not have been erroneous enough to set off any alarm bells.

I’ve been using this device as a keystore for a multi sig arrangement… probably fine right? Is there a way to verify with Trezor if my device is legit or not? I feel like I would have been swindled by now… especially during the last bull run. Curious on yall’s thoughts.

My thoughts: if you have a lot of crypto and it is worth a lot (or will be worth a lot LOL) then surely no harm buying a fresh new one from Trezor direct, because it’s a small price to pay to secure, say, $100k of crypto one day!!

That said, you have had no red flags up to this point and it’s been 3 years (and the packaging seemed OK enough to not worry you).

The trick really with this is that if you buy a bad one then the scammers play tricks like installing bad firmware on the device before they ship it, or putting a ready-made set of seed words in the box (sometimes very professionally printed on card with scratch-off panels etc) and the scammer hopes newbies think that’s the normal routine… so they enter them into the device and a week later the coins are stolen. Things like that. BUT obviously none of this nonsense happened to you. So you’re probably OK, especially after 3 years.

Here’s the thing - I presume you have updated the device in these 3 years to the latest firmware?? If not, do it now from inside the Trezor Suite, but I’m sure you no doubt have? So you can trust this firmware as it’s open source from Trezor themselves. As long as you are using Trezor’s own firmware and you have had no reason to suspect the device, then it’s probably OK after all this time.

But if your budget allows for it, and it’s making you nervous, then another Trezor One from Trezor themselves will only set you back a little bit of money for long term peace of mind.

Thanks for the thoughts. The firmware is up to date from Trezor. I think I will still purchase a new device to replace this one, but have it around as a spare…

Yeah that sounds like a good plan. Keep it as a backup for emergencies but I’m pretty sure it’s ok after all this time.

Just one final check… you did create your own seed words from the device AFTER you installed firmware from Trezor Suite, didn’t you? That is, you weren’t “given” seed words in the packet to use, right? And you didn’t get the device with firmware already installed (from out of the box) and then setup a wallet from the new seed words the device gave you on the pre-installed firmware (without first installing real Trezor firmware)… did you? These are important considerations.

The way it should go is like this: you buy the device (from Trezor), it comes without firmware installed (factory new). You plug it in and run the Suite software and the software will give you the latest firmware download from Trezor itself. Only then can you do stuff like restore a wallet, create a new wallet (eg get new seed words) etc.

If you are in doubt of the order you did things in, especially as it was 3 years ago, then maybe consider (when your new one comes) setting it up as normal as descibed above, then setup a fresh new set of words and start using those (move all your coins to these new words), then factory reset the old device and put it away.

A slight hassle to move all your coins over to the new seed, yes, but perfect peace of mind.