Trezor purchase advice

If I buy 2 Trezor T and 2 Safe3, is it necessary to buy 2 Trezor One? Trezor One is used for long-term immovable storage.

It is not necessary. You only NEED one hardware wallet. If you want to use more than one you can, but it’s not necessary. All the trezors are used for cold storage of your crypto.


Thank you very much, I have purchased. The reason for purchasing multiple wallets is to prevent loss or damage to the device and to be able to replace it in a timely manner.

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Hi @only,

I can confirm that it is a good idea to have a spare Trezor which can be used to recover your funds quickly in case your first Trezor is lost or damaged. I can recommend purchasing Trezor Safe 3 as a spare Trezor to Trezor Model T as it supports almost the same amount of cryptocurrencies.

Please, check if the desired cryptocurrencies are supported on both models at Supported Coins & Assets | Trezor Hardware Wallets