Trezor one & Trezor Safe 3 compatible seed?

Long time user Ledger and now first time onboarding on Trezor. I want to buy Trezor Safe 3 and Trezor One. The last one I wish to have it as a backup device in case I break or loose my Safe 3 device.

Heard seed on Trezor One is 24 words while Safe 3 uses 12 words. Can both devices be used for the same seed?

For example I use a ledger nano and X with the same seed. One device is for common use and the other is safely stored for a just in case.

Hi @DRS,

first I would like to mention that it is a good idea to have a backup device!

I can confirm that Trezor Model One generates 24-word recovery seed by default and Trezor Safe 3 generates 12-word seed by default. However, you can use both seeds on both devices without any issues (recover a 12-word recovery seed into the Trezor Model One and recover 24-word seed into the Trezor Safe 3)

I can recommend using a 12-word recovery seed with Trezor Safe 3 as the main seed and if you need you can always import it to Trezor Model One. Please, find more information on why a 12-word seed is enough at

To that I will add that if you intend to import 12-word seed into a Trezor One, you should always use Advanced recovery.