Trezor One password manager lost all passwords

Ticket ID: 133764
My Trezor One details:
Firmware: 1.10.5
Transport: Bridge 2.0.27
Pin enabled: Yes
Passphrase enabled: Yes

I submitted about 3 tickets via the Trezor support website, however cannot remember the text as no confirmation or copy was emailed to me.

I could not submit a query via this Trezor Forum as my credentials are all lost from the issue.

I have created this 2nd Trezor Forum account to submit this query from memory from about 4 days ago.

Trezor Password Manager stores all my crypto credentials with contact via Protonmail, which is all separate from my non blockchain accounts, stored on Bitwarden with contact via gmail.

My Dropbox account logs in and I can see the Trezor passwordFile.pswd.
My Trezor One lights up and functions.
However, the Trezor One Password Manager on my browser extension prompted me:
Recover my passwords or Start a new one (along these line from memory).
I selected Recover my passwords several times, but the browser window just showed the Trezor cogs turning, forever.
Eventually, I selected Start a new one and now all I see is the Trezor Password Manager ‘Add New Item’.

How can I retrieve my password data, which is critical to access blockchain data?

you are using Brave, please use supported browser.

My colleague will troubleshoot in your ticket if needed.

What is a supported browser please?
Trezor support says I need a restore file.
Dropbox says there are no backup files.
What has happened…I’ve never had this issue with cloud password managers.

Chrome and Firefox are supported browsers.

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Ok, running on Chrome and cannot restore passwords from Trezor Password Manager.

I’ve ordered a 2nd Trezor cold wallet.
Are there any links on how to set it up, in the chance that I can recover the lost password data?

Please use your ticket email for communicating with Trezor support. We can’t answer your questions here when you have an open ticket.

Ok, I replied 6 hours ago. I thought the communication might be quicker with the community. I’m looking for a chat channel to solve this.

Hi, if you want to recover passwords on a new Trezor then you need that passwords file. Your wallet itself is not in any way connected to your passwords. Wallet and Password manager are two different things.

Sure, here’s the email I sent to Trezor:

Ok, I bought a new Trezor device and Trezor Password Manager shows my name logged into Dropbox.

Choose from device says My Trezor.

I select My Trezor and window shows We’re Getting There… and returns to My Trezor.

The TREZORSUITE says Create a new wallet or restore one from a backup.

I’m not sure as I want to maximise any chances of accessing my passwords by not Recovering wallet. Would this be best?

Screenshots attached in email.

My colleague will resolve the issue with you in the ticket, no need to double post, thank you.

Very slow response. I emailed on 202206181208 and no reply probably due to the weekend.
Trezor needs a chat channel so I can chat live.
I need a guide step-by-step to setup the 2nd Trezor wallet I just bought, to try and access the corrupted password file on Dropbox.

I am posting here again as email support is slow and no response since 202206211044.

Email just sent on 2022062221052:
as per screenshots for your verification, I am following the web page ‘Start Using Trezor Suite’.

This opened my Trezor Password Manager page saying ‘TREZOR is not initialized’.

The Trezor Suite says ‘Create a new wallet or restore one from a backup.’.

Please advise what I should do next.

Remember I have a 2nd new Trezor cold wallet and I am trying to recover my lost credentials, all stored on the Trezor password file on Dropbox.

Unsure how to attach screenshots to this forum post?

click recover wallet from backup and use your seed

Thanks forgi, however the issue is not recovering the wallet.
The issue is the signing device (new term I learned is better than cold wallet or hard wallet) is not decrypting my password file.
I have decided that Trezor official support cannot support to the level I require.
I have contacted some Cyber Security experts and will manually decrypt the password file myself.
I am wondering what the encryption protocol is for the Trezor Password Manager?
Anyone know as this will save me some time from scanning the password file for what the protocol is.

The signing device is not opening my Dropbox password file.

If I select Add entry, I see this page.

  1. you should use supported browser, you are still using Brave

  2. try restoring the password file to previous versions in Dropbox

  3. Your private keys encrypt the file, check if the seed is correct (in Sute, settings, device, check backup)

  1. Same issue in Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Dropbox won’t restore the file. Free accounts have no restore after 30 days…outrageous…use Google Drive for free with years of backups/restores.
  3. Seed is correct.

I have a question related, but not sure if I should post a new thread:
Not that I have given up on the loss of ALL my crypto due to Trezor’s faulty Trezor Password Manager, which I hope will ban from commercial use; how do people store their crypto credentials?

Ultimately, just saving crypto directly on the cold wallet is safest with 2 metal capsules in 2 separate locations, storing the 24 word seed phrase and 1 passphrase to encrypt the seed phrase (currently stored on the cloud as a thief cannot put the 2 together).

However, when the cold wallet cannot store your crypto, such as more the more than BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, then the crypto is stored on other hot wallets, such as Crypto.comDeFi or CakeDefi wallet.
The seedphrases and passphrase need to be stored somewhere or just passphrase for a CEX (central exchange).
Where do people store their crypto credentials? If you have 100’s of details, digital is easiest and I use BitWarden for non crypto credentials.
I login daily however to BitWarden, so if any man in the middle attacks, I could lose all credentials.
Perhaps setup a 2nd BitWarden Password Manager for crypto credentials alone?

it is 180 days:

Depending on your plan. I had a free version with 30 day recovery as I am a noob and was figuring out crypto world.
I tried paying for a business plan with 180 day recovery, but Dropbox said they can’t recovery any files.