Trezor One after Restoring on Trezor 3

I had a wallet on a Trezor 1. I bought a Trezor 3 and when I set it up, I used the Seed Key from the Trezor 1 wallet and restored the wallet on the Trezor 3. I see my coins in the Trezor 3 wallet.

So what is the state of my Trezor 1 now? When I plug it in, I see the name of my wallet on the Trezor 1 display but Trezor Suite does not detect the Trezor 1 and it does not ask for the PIN. Is the Trezor 1 now ‘erased’? How can I make use of it again with another wallet?

Hi @WSLam,

Trezor Model One has not been erased after you recovered your original wallet in Trezor Safe 3. You should be able to access the same wallet with both devices if they store the same seed. However, from your description, it looks like the Trezor Model One is not recognized by Trezor Suite. Please, use our chatbot at If the chatbot will not be able to help you solve your issue, the ticket will be created and one of our agents will solve it with you.