Trezor not connecting to theta wallet

Trezor not connecting to theta wallet. When I try to connect the loading symbol just spinning circles and theta wallet says looking for your trezor. Any help would be appreciated.

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I’m having same problem with MetaMask. I’ve a New windows i7 laptop working on chrome MetaMask with Norton 360 advanced security set up and Norton antitrack. Installed trezor bridge.

Tried turning off safety features thinking they are maybe cause from troubleshooting.
-disabled tor in trezor suite
-disabled vpn

  • turned off antitrack
  • turned off what I think was pretty much everything setting in my Norton security (not knowing if this is even the issue and if I’m leaving myself extremely vulnerable as I’m unsure exactly which ones I need to turn off)
  • chrome has block pop ups as default so disabled that too.
  • I Installed trezor bridge like 3 times but can’t see it running in background as (trezord) however I have the trezor desktop app so unsure if even needed.

Going to try

  • if windows has firewall disabling it
  • whitelisting (I don’t know which program I should try whitelisting? MetaMask extension or the pop up? And how do I get that address to type up?)

What else? I’m really stuck. Hopefully some of that might help you.

Might try downloading Firefox and/or trying another 3rd party app but don’t want to waste my time and come across the same issue.

I am fixated on security could it be something else? All lastest downloads I posted my own tread btw.

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I got mine to work. Not on chrome but I downloaded Firefox browser didnt install Norton safe search, I kept anti-track on but disabled vpn. Kept all other security on though I might have disabled tor in trezor suite. Had trezor suite closed at the time. Hope this helps you.

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I have the same problem using Chrome and Firefox. Works fine with Brave browser.

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