Trezor not being recognized

This has never happened before but for some reason meta mask is not recognizing my trezor. It works fine with other hardware wallets so it’s not meta mask. So I try and send crypto from the binance chain. I’ve literally done this a hundred times without issues before and normally a window pops up to pair my trezor. I do this and press connect. But it doesn’t connect and just keeps opening a new window never asking for my password or anything. And asks me to connect. It’s connected!!! So I can’t send any of my balance. And if there are any scammers we are taking few dollars play money.

Hi @Topcat,

may I ask you what browser you use? Make sure to use supported browsers - Chrome or Firefox. If you use Firefox, you also need to have Trezor Bridge communication protocol installed (can be downloaded at Trezor Suite.

You can verify the Trezor Bridge is running in Task Manager (Activity Monitor if you are using macOS). The “trezord” process should be running on your system.

You can also check if Trezor Bridge is running when you are able to run this link: