Trezor Model T - Standard Wallet Seed Phrase has new set of ETH Wallets

Hi everyone!
I have been using my Trezor since 2022. I would like to know if anyone here has experienced the same issue with mine.

Model: Trezor Model T
Passphrse: Standard Passphrase
Wallet: Metamask
Network: ETH (ERC20)

Before June 11:

  • I was using my Trezor to confirm transactions via Metamask. I even listed multiple assets on NFT trading websites. Was also able to claim non-chain tokens by signing with my Trezor.

After June11:

  • When signing a transaction, My Trezor Model T suddenly asked me whether I will use STANDARD passphrase or HIDDEN passphrase. I choose STANDARD.
  • Transactions are not going through and Metamask is experiencing lag, as if it’s looking for the wallet I use.
  • I tried importing from Hardware wallet in Metamask and I found out that the STANDARD passphrase now has NEW SETS OF ADDRESSES and my old ones are now replaced.
  • I validated in my Trezor Model T if my Seed Phrase has a backup, YES.
  • I created a new browser profile and IMPORTED the SEED PHRASE connected to my PASSPHRASE and found the NEW wallets in the SEED.

Now, I don’t know how will I recover all my assets in my Trezor since the STANDARD PASSPHRASE and the SEED PHRASE now has a new set of wallets.

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I have a similar issue to @Lupercal; I have already validated the seed phrase stored in my Trezor T. However, this account with my seed phrase is stored in my STANDARD WALLET and does not require a passphrase.

Suddenly, my standard wallet has a new set of addresses, and now I can’t recover my Metamask account.

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Hi there, admin. Please close this thread as I was able to resolve my issue.

and YES, this is 100% ERROR on MY FAULT.

I made a beginner mistake back then when setting up my Trezor to use a passphrase since I was not aware it was different from Seed Phrase.

I was able to locate my passphrase deep down in my documents. But I wasn’t able to document that I used a SECRET PASSPHRASE.


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It’s an understandable confusion when you use the word phrase in both circumstances. I see people are using the term phrase increasingly in connection with the seed, which is unfortunate because it just get more people confused.

Your Recovery seed (also called Backup seed) has nothing to do with a phrase, it’s a collection of many english words.