Trezor + MM doesn’t work any more since new update

Hi guys

I’m using trezor in combination with Metamask for roughly 3 years now without any problems. For whatever reason I’m not able to send funds anymore since I updated the trezor firmware. Every transaction gets aborted after I type in my pin + passphrase to access hidden wallet. My account basically can only receive funds but not send any more which is a huge problem. No offered solution in MM or trezor forum works. Transaction keep on getting aborted

Hi @Jones23,

Recieving funds doesn’t require any interaction with your Trezor. The funds go directly to the blockchain(s) and not through the Trezor device. Sending funds require you to sign with your private key, which is fetched from the device. So it sounds like your private key may have changed due to a new Recovery seed was created, or the Passphrase?

Did something go wrong during the firmware update?
Which type of coin do you try to send?

I haven’t done anything different than before. Same passphrase to access my hidden wallet, same pin. Just updated like I said and nothing works anymore. I never changed any key/passphrase/private key. Mostly using it to send bnb or swap

Have you used your Recovery seed for Trezor on other sites, like MetaMask? If so, your seed is unsafe and someone may’ve used it to empty your funds after brute forcing your Passphrase.

PIN is only used to login to your Trezor device.
MetaMask use a password.

No, I haven’t and funds are still in. Also normally appearing on bscscan. Like I said before I have done absolutely nothing different from before

Could it potentially be helpful to uninstall all trezor related software and reinstall it again? Or would there be a chance that I make it much worse ?

Do you get an error message when the send transaction is aborted?

Yes, you can try wiping your Trezor and reinstalling software and firmware, but before that please check that your Recovery seed is correct by doing a Dry Run.

No error message, metamask simply closes and is not able to open in the same window for at least 30secs. Recovery seed for trezor = the 24 words right?

Try to reinstall the MetaMask plugin too and make sure you use either Firefox or Chrome, which are the compatible browsers with Trezor.

It depends on your model. Trezor model One has 24 words as standard, model T has 12.

I don’t want to reinstall the metamaskplugin since I don’t have the privatekey from this acc when it was originally implemented through trezor

You only need the Recovery seed from MetaMask (MM) if you use MM native accounts. If you only use MM to connect to Trezor then you don’t have any funds in MM’s custody, hence nothing there to lose in MM either.

It’s how I use MM. I don’t even bother to write down MM’s Recovery seed, because I won’t need it later anyway.

I didn’t spend any time on these topics in the past. How can I display my funds in trezor when for example bnb is not in the list of coins that can be added there? As default I have only eth and BTC and both are empty since I don’t have any of them

I reinstalled trezor suite + trezor bridge but the problem stays the same. What is wired though is that I tried another transaction but the timestamps is wrong. It says 16.07.2023 but the transaction failed now

I’m not good in german but I see an error in both those screens, where it says failed in red text: transaction ID copy. This could be why the MetaMask window closes after 30 seconds, I guess.

But it’s hard to know what’s going on with these transactions, based on the information you’ve given so far. The Transaction ID (Tx ID) should be investigated but it’s not wise to display any Tx ID here, in a public forum, for privacy reasons. The whole process with MetaMask should be gone through, step by step too. You could contact Support for help.

You can always add BNB as ERC-20 tokens in a Ethereum (ETH) account to your Trezor wallet.

Thanks for your advice. I can’t copy the transaction I’d. It’s not possible since it’s not Available to copy for whatever reason. Already asked in the trezor support and they are investigating it

OK, I wish you’d told me that before, because I can’t involve myself in active support cases. Please state your Support ID in a post below here, so the support personnel can link your support case with this forum thread.

The Ticketnummer is 179007

I have to my more questions. If I add bnb as Erc20 token on my trezor wallet, how can I see my balance then when my coins are on bnb chain displayed in metamask. Second question is about the option to delete this account from MM / use the option to delete it. I should then be able to import this adress to a new metamask?