Trezor missing accounts after restoring with 12 word seed

  1. I imported my Metamask wallet using 12 word advanced manual procedure.
  2. I only see (2) of (15) accounts. Yet, they are still in MetaMask with correct balances.
  3. When connecting the hardware wallet to export all the accounts are greyed-out and I can only check and then unlock #16? This puzzles me?
  4. Observation: I have 4 duplicate accounts in Metamask for some reason, all at the bottom? Is my metamask corrupt?
  5. This seems odd, what am I missing? Why are those accounts not showing up?
  6. Why can’t I import the secret keys per account?
  7. My seed is still intact and tested before I began this.

First, do not import your MM seed into Trezor, you are defeating the purpose of it.

  1. That is exactly because you imported seed into Trezor, so now both your MM and Trezor are the same wallet, and when clicking connect HW wallet your first 15 accounts are already there, so you can only import 16th and onwards.

There is no secret key per account, there is one private key and all addresses are derived from it.

I highly suggest to wipe the Trezor and use it correctly, create your own safe seed and then pair your Trezor with MM: Apps:MetaMask - Trezor Wiki

Ok, I will do just that!