Trezor Metamask transaction 0 failed: unknow adress HELP

hello, i have problem.

install my trezor without problems, import a trezor account into my Metamask and deposit all my tokens from my main account to Metamask’s Trezor 1 account. When I want to transfer my token from my Trezor account to Binance, it asks me for my pin and a passphrase, I don’t remember having put a passprhase when I set up my trezor, so it won’t let me transfer my tokens, error “Transaction 0 failed: Unknow address”. I read that that error is when you put the passprhase wrong, but don’t configure the trezor with a passphrase, anyway I try with all the possible passwords and it keeps giving me that error.

try to keepe it empty?

alwin88 may be right .
keep your passprhase empty and try .
passprhase is as important as seedprhase !
Missing any one will lose assets.

Please read the entire manual carefully before using all products. I read too much because the user never read the manual, and didn’t study the wallet seriously, which led to the loss of assets.
It is really regrettable.


I need help, I’ve been trying to find my Metamask account connected to Trezor all day, I was able to enter the Metamask account fine and when connecting with Trezor I get other addresses but none is the one I need and where I have all my assets.

I have the phrase Trezor backup, all this came from the fact that Trezor started giving errors and I was frozen when doing a ‘transation failed 0’ transaction, so I uninstalled everything and that problem arose. How can I solve it?

Hi @sergio,

In case you can’t see the address with your funds in step “Select an account”, you connecting a different wallet to MetaMask. Either you have a different recovery seed in your Trezor or you use a different passphrase.

You can check if you have the correct recovery seed stored in your Trezor, you can find more information on how to do it here:

for Trezor Model One:
for Trezor Model T:

In case recovery seed in your device matches your recovery seed backup, the only way how to access a different wallet (with different addresses) is with a different passphrase.

To learn more about passphrase I can recommend watching video in this thread: Using passphrase in Trezor Suite, MetaMask and other apps