Trezor + Metamask already account created

Hi @everyone , thanks in advance for your comments,

My question focuses on the following: Can I protect an already created metamask account? (ACCOUNT 1).

I have connected my Trezor one with this method to my “account 1” of metamask which is compromised (this account already existed, it is connected to a certain place where I have frozen assets and they have just stolen any asset in just 9 seconds to this account), I must change my assets to another account but avoid being robbed in the process.

They recommended Trezor to me, however it imposes the block ONLY on the local computer, if you made transfers from another computer it is as if the Trezor did not exist (I have done tests and yes … I have been robbed again).

The account is visually connected as a hardware wallet (only on the computer where the Trezor has been connected).

Hoping not to be a nuisance, I urgently ask for your help: cry:.

What can I do to lock out ANY computer that tries to transact with the Trezor one?

Of course not !
mm is a hot wallet, and wallets that have been created on a hot wallet are inherently insecure. How can you expect to use trezor to protect the security of this leaked wallet?
Your approach is the same as the following example
For example, I have a desk with a lockable drawer, and I put my money in the drawer. Then the thief copied my key. Then a thief can open this drawer anytime to withdraw money. Even if I buy a 1-ton safe and connect the legs of the desk to the safe with an iron chain, do you think this will affect the thief using the key to steal the money in the drawer?
If you are new to digital currency security, I suggest you follow the method I said!

  1. Use trezor to generate a brand new wallet
  2. Forget about the mm wallet for now. Use trezor suite wallet and understand how the suite performs eth collection
  3. Transfer all assets in your mm wallet and eth wallet to the eth wallet of your suite
  4. Then, you can connect trezor to mm, find the eth wallet displayed in the suite, and use it safely.

Note: Trezor does not support bsc chain, and trezor does not support nft storage.

You cannot enter 12words or 24words generated by trezor in any networked devices, and 12 or 24words can only be entered in trezor devices!
So you can guarantee the security of this wallet.