Trezor keep metal assistance

HI. Newbie here so forgive me for my ignorance. I bought a Metal keep which has a 12 word field, I also bought a Trezor Model T which generated 20 words for its seed as I set it up. Did I do something wrong or bought a wrong item because obviously they won’t be linked.
Another question is, there are only 4 fields in the metal keep and it looks like you cannot punch the entire word in the metal keep. Can someone explain everything here? I submitted a ticket to trezor support 7 days ago but they’d rather be busy processing orders than addressing concerns. I would appreciate any advise.

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Hi, there is no ticket with your email, and no tickets are this old.

Yes, you created advanced (Shamir) backup, this has multiple shares of 20 words, and there is a special Keep Metal version for that.

If you want standard backup (12 words), reset your wallet in the settings and start the setup again, choosing Standard backup.

you only need the first 4 letters from each letter, because they are unique after 3 letters.

Everything explained here:

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You explained everything concisely, Forgi. Thank you for the response. You are a Top G. You make this dystopian world a better place.

I used a different email. still issue is I never got anything back.

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