Trezor is working but cant proceed transactions

Created 8 ronin addresses for my scholar’s in axie infinity. Upon reviewing it, 3 of the addresses and not in the 50 addresses under Trezor one device. The problem is i cant do any transactions in my three (3) accounts. All the addresses in my 8 accounts was pick inside trezor 50 addresses. Hope someone help me give solution in my problem.

Question. Is the Trezor bridge safe? This is the only answer in my mind why this thing happened or may device was compromised?

Note: device was purchased in official website of trezor under

Thank you in advance

Yes. This is a Ronin problem and has nothing to do with Trezor Suite. Please search for “Ronin” in the forums here, there are literally hundreds of posts similar to your problem and it has been answered many times.