Trezor forgets the token that I add manually

I manually add ERC20 tokens to the ETH wallet. They appear and I can see my balance. When I disconnect my wallet for a short while and then reconnect the tokens are no longer listed and I have to add them manually again. Am I missing a step where I have to save the tokens that I add manually?

If the balance is zero then the ERC-20 token will disappear from Trezor Suite when you disconnect your device. This is standard functionality, as Suite thinks it’s not important to remember unused tokens. You’ll have to transfer some tokens to it before Suite remembers it between sessions.

However, if the balance is not zero the token(s) should not disappear from view.

The only token that manages to stay is SHARP - sharp token, when I try to add arbitrum it shows until I refresh the page it goes back to only sharp, it also says I have 0 Arb for the time its there when I have over 300 in my metamask wallet.

any idea why?

Does my arbitrum have to be on the Ethereum network because currently I have it on arbirum?

Hi @astro,

I can confirm that you cannot see ARB on the Arbitrum network in Trezor Suite as this network is not supported there. Only ARB as ERC20 token is natively supported in Trezor Suite. From your description, it is clear that you have ARB on the Arbitrum network (that is why you cannot see any balance if you add ARB ERC20 token to your Ethereum account in Trezor Suite).

Please, keep in mind that ARB on the Arbitrum network is supported by Trezor devices and can be seen in 3rd party apps that supports desired EVM (for example MetaMask).