Trezor behavior inconsistent during initial set-up?

The Trezor device is behaving inconsistently during initial set-up and it makes me uncomfortable to use it. Upon the original unboxing and set-up of the device, and after installing firmware for the first time, Trezor Suite gave me instructions to disconnect and reconnect my Trezor, before advancing to the screen that generates the seed.

My concern is that after a factory reset of the device through the bootloader mode (which should remove the firmware), and after re-installing the firmware again, I did not get the above instructions to disconnect and reconnect.

The lack of consistency during the set up makes me uncomfortable. Why has the procedure changed on the second time, as compared to the first time?

are you by any chance this person from reddit who already got a very detailed answer there?

if not, your question happens to be the exact same one and the answer is there.

I am that person from Reddit, but I was hoping for more consensus from the community. Right now, it’s just one person from the internet (you) that is supplying me with the information and I’d like some other people to corroborate.

Right, welcome and pleased to meet you, please check out my user flair :slight_smile:

I’m sure @forgi or @radekP will corroborate that I know what I’m talking about, right guys?

Hi @cryptoinvestor,

I can confirm that the answer provided by @matejcik (our firmware developer) in the above-mentioned Reddit thread is very detailed. You won’t find a more legitimate person to give you an answer to your question on the internet.