Trezor backup location

Where is my trezor backup stored?

I recently bought a trezor and set it up. However, in all the documentation I can not determine where my trezor backup is stored. Is the backup stored on my computer, a trezor database, or somewhere else?

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We don’t know! It’s up to you to store the backup. Do you call Samsung helpline if you misplace the TV remote? :slight_smile:

(hint: it’s the all important 12 words that you were asked to write down and never input into anything digital. you did write them down, right? that’s your backup. make sure you know where it is. if you lose it, you are hosed)

I understand how to access the backup using the 12 words, but where is the actual data that these words allow me to access stored?

For example: I transfer some bitcoin onto my trezor, then break the trezor. I then use the seed phrase to access my backup data to regain control of my account. Where is this seed phrase pulling the backup from to regain my account? Also, is it just pulling from a source, or is there an added layer of encryption to it?

If I am simply not understanding the technology behind Trezor my apologies, feel free to point me to the documentation that explains all this instead.

the information you seem to be missing is that the 12 words do not “access” the backup.

The 12 words are the backup.

The mnemonic phrase encodes 128 bits of entropy, which is all the data necessary to reconstruct all your accounts, addresses, and private keys. If you would like to learn about how that is technically possible, I suggest you look up the BIP32 standard.

Indeed, the only thing your Trezor actually stores is just the words themselves (plus some small bits of configuration, such as the PIN and your homescreen picture).

There is also the blockchain component, of course: the respective networks store balances that correspond to your addresses. But the addresses are also uniquely derivable from the seed phrase.

Ok sweet, thank you! That makes sense, I’ll look into the BIP32 standard.