Trezor and Linux

Hello Guys,

Anyone has experience setting up Trezor (model T) on Linux? Just got my Trezor and wanted to make sure I can set it up plugging it into a Debian based linux desktop PC.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Hi @tzatoshi,

Linux is supported, but there’s not much info I can find about it: Linux - Trezor Wiki
I’ve used Linux myself for many years, but I haven’t tried to use Trezor with Linux - yet. However, it seems to be just a question of using a compatible browser and update to the latest Firmware and Trezor Bridge.

Hi @tzatoshi

Yes, Linux is supported.

Thanks, got it working

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I’m trying to use the suite software on Ubuntu 20.04 but Suite software does not locate my trezor device, however, finds it. I am updated on the firmware and I’m using the latest software. Any ideas?