Trezor and Cryptonator transaction

  • Can I send with your ETH, BTC equivalents directly to the Trezor wallet, bypassing the exchanges?Will they get there? There will be no problems with ERC-20

Hi @alexL8686,

This is the first time I’ve heard of Cryptonator but I looked it up now and see that it’s a phone app. And also for desktop. I’ll have to look at it more later. :slight_smile:

About your question, I don’t see why there should be any problems sending coins and tokens from your app to Trezor wallet directly. Same with ERC-20 tokens. Just be sure you use the Ethereum network when you send ETH and ERC-20 tokens. - вот этот ресурс. это криптовалютный кошелек

Please use english here. If you prefer to write in your won language, you can open a topic in the category Other Languages next time. :slight_smile:

“”"“At the moment, the Cryptonator does not support either incoming or outgoing transactions with tokens of the ERC20 standard. Do not send transfers to the ICO because we do not credit ERC20 tokens and your payment will be lost.”""" - can this become a problem?

sorry - cryptonator it`s cryptocurrency wallet

Yes, if Cryptonator doesn’t support ERC-20 tokens that would be a problem.

  • please advise me how I can transfer my coins to a cold wallet? is it possible through a binance or something can be better from the point of view of the commission?

Well, as I said, I don’t know Cryptonator but I recon it has a Send or Withdraw function. This is basically what you should do:

  1. make a Receive address in your Trezor wallet.
  2. Copy that address to address to clipboard.
  3. Paste it into the Send address in Cryptonator.

Since you’ll be using a desktop app (Trezor Suite at or website, it’d be best to use the desktop app of Cryptonator too, so the clipboard content is transferrable between the apps.

Here’s a recipe for transferring coins from one wallet to Trezor wallet. In that example I used Coinbase and Bitcoin, but the procedure is the same for other wallets/accounts and coins.

Binance shouldn’t be necessary to use.

not convinced. unfortunately. I’m afraid of losing coins if the transfer is unsuccessful

I understand. The only remedy for that is knowledge, which makes you more certain of what you’re doing. So I’d advice you to read as much as you need to perform the tasks you want and then do them - not before. When you’re ready, try to transfer just a small amount first and see if it works.

Ask if you’re uncertain about anything. It’s better to ask one time too much than one time too little.

Lots of interesting stuff in the Trezor blog:
And also in the Trezor wiki:

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