Trezor Amazon (PL)

I have 3 cases.
1st case: I found Trezor on Amazon. I would like to know if the account that sells the wallets is yours. Name of the seller is “Trezor Company”. If yes could you provide me link to this seller. I want to compare if the link which I found is roght

Second case: Why such a discrepancy in product availability? We are talking about Trezor Safe 3. Why is there such a long waiting time for other colors?

Third case: If this account on Amazon is yours, there is also a strange description in Polish in the auction of the Safe 3 model.

  • Description : “Kupuj bez obaw, ponieważ możesz zwrócić produkt, aby uzyskać pełny zwrot pieniędzy, jeśli nie jesteś w pełni zadowolony. To sprawia, że SWETER 3 to doskonały pomysł na prezent dla przyjaciół, rodziny i współpracowników, którzy interesują się kryptowalutami i cyfrowym bezpieczeństwem finansowym.”
    SWETER = SWEATER. looks super suspicious


I can confirm that Amazon is our official reseller. You can find the link to Amazon PL at Trezor Resellers | Where to buy Trezor Hardware Wallets

Stay assured that we are working hard on stocking all color variants of Trezor Safe 3 in warehouses.

The SWETER 3 in the description on the Amazon storefront looks like it is mistyped from “Trezor Safe”. Thank you for pointing it out!