Trezor 1 recovery

Using Trezor 1 try to recover funds on other T1 that are not accessible. Checked on “using a recovery seed”., but when doing so,I am not allowed to use my words. It gives me a list of words onmy laptop screen and my Trezor tells my to click on word 6, or 17, or whatever. None of the words I am told to select have anything to do with my 24 word seed .

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What you were doing was using the 24 words to verify that they were correct. That is quite different from restoring the wallet.

Hi @Panderson,

You can find information on how to perform the recovery process with your recovery seed backup at Recovery process for the Trezor Model One.

Simply put, on the display of your device you see what word (6th, 17th, etc…) from your recovery seed backup you need to enter.