Transfers from standard to hidden wallet

  1. Where are the instructions from transfering bitcoin from standard to hidden wallet?

  2. When I attempted to do it Trezor wanted to charge me for the transfer!!!

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Please find in the link bellow all you need to know about hidden wallet and passphrases.

  1. As explained in the link above a hidden wallet is generated by adding a passphrase to your recovery/seed words of a new wallet (12/24words + passphrase)
    This means you will have to move/transfer your funds to this new wallet.
    This is considered a transaction and so miners will have to be incentivised to put your tx on a block. For this you have to pay a network fee.
    This fee is so you can move funds on the network.

This fee has nothing to do with Trezor.

Ps: pay special atention to your passphrase when inputing it (the software does NOT consider wrong passphrases)
So if you input TREZOR as your passphrase on the creation of the hidden wallet if you mistype any character (ie tREZOR) you will generate a new wallet. Please don’t use the examples given here.
If you lose your passphrase you will not be able to recover your wallet just with the recover/seed words.

Pay special attention to the first link, and read carefully.

Good luck :+1::four_leaf_clover:

Maybe this is something the Trezor folks should have put in bold type on their app. “BEWARE: IF YOU SEND CRYPTO TO THE STANDARD WALLET YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THEN TRANSFERRING TO A HIDDEN WALLET!!!”.

There then is no point in Ever transferring to the hidden wallet unless you do it the first time, bypassing the standard wallet.

But, thank you for the response.

I highly suggest to learn the basics of crypto before using it.

Rimas gave you the answer, this is a transaction fee. It is paid to miners for validating transactions, NOT charged by Trezor. Every wallet in the world works this way, crypto works this way.

You paid this fee even for the transaction that you sent to your hidden wallet, you can check it yourself. And you will pay it for any other transaction.


The whole point is that there is no guidance or warning from Trezor in the setup process to let you know that if you are going to use the hidden wallet you should transfer directly to it and not from the standard wallet. An instruction on transferring from standard to hidden wallet is an oxymoron and has no meaning since anyone who knows the value of total return would Never do this.

There is a whole page in the manual above talking about transaction fees.

You could have sent your funds to hidden wallet directly…

I will just repeat what has already been said, every transaction involves the fee, does not matter if it is hidden wallet or not, if it is Trezor or any other wallet.

Also, transaction fees cost literally few cents, dollars at most…

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I am wondering if you grilled your exchange where you sent it from about the transaction fee? You did not mind that one?

it’s like you bought a car and then you are surprised you have to put gas in it to drive it…