Transferring DIMOUSD to Trezor Model T

Hey guys. Recently picked up a Model T. I know DIMOUSD is supported - but does not show up as one of the coins I can create an account under, in order to receive. Was wondering how I can go about transferring this coin? Thank you

HI @CD118,

I can confirm Dimo (DIMO) is supported as it is ERC20 token and is natively supported in Trezor Suite as every other ERC20 token, which is built on top of the Ethereum network and uses Ethereum addresses. Information on how to use ERC20 tokens in Trezor Suite can be found in the video linked in this thread: How to use ERC20 tokens in Trezor Suite

Simply put, you need to send the desired ERC20 token to your ETH address (the one you see under your ETH account). After the transaction is confirmed, you will see your ERC20 tokens in the “Tokens” tab (under your ETH account).