Transferred XLM to trezor using ERC TOKEN receive address

Hi there,

I am new to trezor and assuming XLM is a ERC token, I have used the ERC TOKEN receive address on my trezor wallet and sent my XLM to that address.

However, I cannot see the XLM under the account in my trezor.

Please help or guide me to view that. I did try ACCOUNT VIEWER and was not able to see the XLM there too.

Not sure how to recover it now.


You can manually add Saitama to your eth wallet .
Open the eth wallet in your suite, click add token, enter the contract address of the coin, and the coin will be added.

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I might not have explained my issue correctly.

Steps I followed to transfer XLM from Binance to Trezor wallet.

  1. Clicked RECEIVE under Ethereum on trezor

  2. Then used this address on Binance to send the COINS.

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you mean you used bsc chain to send coin ?

not sure what you mean by that?

what chain did you use ? erc20 or bep20 ?

I think it showed BEP20 when I was transferring.

so ,you can use metamask wallet ,add bsc chain to it ,and connect to trezor ,
find your address ,than you will find your coin

Can you please elaborate on the steps?

Should I create a new wallet on MetaMask?

first create a wallet on metamask ,
and then add bsc chain to the wallet

I followed the above steps and could not find the coin there. Is there anyway to check the network transferred?

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Already checked that but could not find any useful info. Please see screen shot below.

FYI: I have deleted the transaction Ids for security.

[ERC TOKEN receive address]

try to find this address in you bnb wallet in MM when it connected to trezor .

so far searched 7000 and still not able to find that address

@SKV send me that full transaction ID/hash, please


@SKV Please connect Trezor to MyEtherWallet: MyEtherWallet | MEW

Select to connect via Hardware, Trezor, then select ETH and Binance Smart Chain.

Then click add custom token: 0x43c934a845205f0b514417d757d7235b8f53f1b9

You will see your XLM there, you will need to have some BNB on that address to send it back to Binance. Then you can send it to Trezor correctly, to address from Account viewer.

great thank you. I will try that now.

Do I search for some address here?