Transfering Alternate Coins To Wallet

Does anyone know how to transfer, alternative coins, such as PYTH, bonk and other not so prominent coins to the wallet? Much appreciated

Hi @Aidan,

Pyth Network (PYTH) and Bonk (BONK) are SPL tokens on the Solana network. You can simply send them to the SOL address that you see under your Solana account. General information on using Solana with Trezor can be found at

Please, keep in mind that currently, the fees on the Solana network are high. Unfortunately, currently the custom fee cannot be set in Trezor Suite. We are aware of this issue and we are working on implementing the possibility of setting a custom (or priority) fee to Trezor Suite (Solana: Include priority fee in TX · Issue #11518 · trezor/trezor-suite · GitHub)

In the meantime, you need to use a third-party wallet compatible with the Trezor device and Solana (Nufi wallet to be able to successfully sent SPL tokens out from your Trezor device.

I just want to check, how can I get PYTH tokens out of my Trezor ? simply sending them via the trezor suite does not work, and the token name does not show up properly. I am not sure I trust Nufi wallet mentioned above

Hi @vvvvv,

You can try to send the funds out via Nufi wallet without worries. Your private keys are always safely stored offline in your Trezor device. More general information on using Trezor device with 3rd party wallets can be found at Using Trezor hardware wallets with third-party applications