Transfer USDT and USDC from Kraken to Trezor Suite via cheapest network

Please help a newbie figure out how to send USDT and USDC from Kraken via either the Solana Network or Polygon Network to my “Model T” Trezor Suite.

  1. How do I generate these addresses for my “Model T” Trezor Suite?
  2. Which networks are available for USDT + USDC for the Trezor Suite?

From Kraken you can send via the Solana, Polygon, Tron, Arbitrum and Ethereum network (but who wants to pay $8 withdrawal fees for the Ethereum network when Solana and Polygon are both just $1).

Hi @x0AONcyF,

First, I would like to mention that the Solana and Tron networks are not supported by Trezor devices. You cannot send your funds to Trezor via these networks as Trezor cannot generate addresses for Solana and Tron.

You can use any EVM that Kraken offers (Polygon or Arbitrum). However, please keep in mind that you will not be able to see and manage USDT and USDC sent via EVM directly in Trezor Suite as these networks are not natively supported there. Only the Ethereum network is natively supported in Trezor Suite (you will see your USDT and USDC under the “Tokens” tab in Trezor Suite only if you send them via the Ethereum network).

EVMs are supported by Trezor devices though. It means that you need to use 3rd party app (for example MetaMask) to be able to see and manage USDT and USDC sent via EVMs. Information on how to connect Trezor with MetaMask can be found at If you want to use EVM, please send your funds to the ETH address that you see under your ETH account in Trezor Suite and then connect the same ETH address to MetaMask in the step “Select an account”.

You need to add the desired EVM to MetaMask then. Information on how to add EVM to MetaMask can be found in the video linked at How to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor (Matic, Avax) - #2
(Polygon is used as an example, if you want to use Arbitrum you need to search and add “Arbitrum One” on

The last step is to enable the desired token (USDT, USDC) in MetaMask (connected to the desired EVM). In order to do it, you need to choose “+ Import tokens”:

and paste the contract address of the desired token:

Contract addresses:

Polygon: 0xc2132D05D31c914a87C6611C10748AEb04B58e8F
Arbitrum: 0xfd086bc7cd5c481dcc9c85ebe478a1c0b69fcbb9

Polygon: 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174
Arbitrum: 0xaf88d065e77c8cc2239327c5edb3a432268e5831

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Thank you, Radek!

  1. Do I need ETH for gas fees on my Trezor address before sending USDT or USDC to my ETH wallet address?
  2. Or do I only need to make sure there is ETH on the wallet (for gas fees) before sending coins out of my Trezor wallet?
  3. So there’s no way to even store SOL on my Trezor?

Please, find answers to your questions below:

  1. You do not need to have ETH in your ETH address (generated by Trezor device) before sending the funds there.
  2. Yes, you need to have ETH there to pay the transaction fees once you want to send the ERC20 tokens out from your ETH account in Trezor Suite.
  3. Yes, Solana is not supported right now. However, we have heard a lot of requests from our users and supporters to add Solana support to Trezor and we decided to meet them. We are currently working on Solana support in Trezor, but we don’t have any additional information to share at this time. We will keep you updated.
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Solana is now available and supported on Trezor. My question is; can USDT be stored on the solana network as a token just as is possible on the ETH network as an ERC20 token?

Hi @Richie,

I can confirm that USDT on the Solana network (SPL token) can be stored with Trezor device.