Transfer of BTT from Binance to Trezor four days ago, still not in Trezor

I am a novice. I transferred BTT from Binance to Trezor four days ago. Binance said it would take 12 hours. Four days later it is still not in my Trezor Wallet.
What can I do to find the coins?

what chain did you use ?

I used the ERC20 for the transfer.

btt is not an erc20 token ……

could be ERC20 as well.

@AshM are you able to find the Tx on, was it successful ?
If so, please try adding the token into your ETH account.

The contract address is 0xe83cccfabd4ed148903bf36d4283ee7c8b3494d1

Link showing TX not found. I added the contract address, showing 0 BTT

Binance e-mail advised “You’ve successfully withdrawn” giving the ETH address and the Tx #

if you can’t see the transaction on Etherscan, then you have not sent it on ETH network (as ERC20). Can you see the transaction on ?

Yes, it is there: 3 days 11 hrs ago (Dec-09-2021 11:49:21 AM +UTC).
So, is it recoverable from wherever it is?

More important is where did I go wrong so I do not make that mistake again.