Transfer my deposited crypto from ETH network to BSC network

I have some stablecoins deposited in my Trezor device and I would like to use BSC instead of ETH network.

How can I do that?

Hi @CryptoTrezor,

first, it is important to understand that BSC is not natively supported in Trezor Suite. However, this EVM is supported by Trezor devices (as every other EVM). It means that you need to use a 3rd party wallet with your Trezor to be able to manage coins and tokens on BSC. You can use for example MetaMask

You can find information on how to connect your Trezor to MetaMask here: ​How to use Trezor with MetaMask - YouTube

After you connect the desired ETH address to MetaMask, you need to add the BSC to MetaMask. Please visit (make sure to use this link, there are several scam links on the web), find “Binance Smart Chain Mainnet”, and select “Add to MetaMask” and “Aprove” and “Switch network”.

You can also find the process (with a different network though) in this video: How to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor - YouTube

In case you want to use BEP20 tokens you need to import the contract address of the desired token by selecting “Import Tokens”: