Transactions rejected (out of gas) but funds not returned


Yesterday (May 19th) I’ve made several ETH transactions from my Trezor wallet to my Poloniex account. All of them were rejected because of the ‘out of gas’ reason but no one from them still wasn’t returned to my Trezor wallet.

When could I expect a return no my Trezor wallet?

Thank you!


can you please PM me a transaction ID? Thank you.

PM’ed, please, check

Thank you!

Did they resolve this issue? Mine has been stuck as pending for nearly 12 hours but it won’t allow me to bump the fee, it says there are not enough funds to do so. I have funds.

Hi @kolin,

Bumping this thread as I’m unable to PM you personally. Could you take a look at my support ticket as well?

Support ticket number: 93014
Transaction ID: 0x402886574b059e16759b475e2cbb22ddbbca34d45b726c5b4a2db3ec1bf5ca66
Transaction from Trezor has been pending for nearly 2 days :sob:
I tried cancelling it by sending 0ETH to the same nonce with higher gas fees but doesn’t work and I tried bumping the fees as well but for some reason Trezor says insufficient funds even though I have funds available in the wallet.

Thanks for your help~

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