Transactions keep failing

I can’t seem to figure out the issue I’m having with my trezor lately so I hope one of you guys can help me. Out of the blue yesterday transactions seem to keep failing when I try to use my trezor. In this case I’m trying to claim an airdrop which I’ve done multiple times before. At the moment I get to the point where my MetaMask pops up. I click confirm to pay the gas and 1 of two things happen. Either the trezor popup comes up and I get a green circle just spinning around with the text underneath (waiting for handshake) or I get a notification from chrome that says “Transaction NaN failed” and I dont even get the trezor window up. It’s the same case when I for example try to swap a token inside MetaMask. But I can log into my trezor suit without a problem and get my assets up. Is this some bug or what am I missing?

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