Transaction stuck with pending status

Buen dia!
Le hago una consulta al foro. ¿Puedo desconectar mi trezor del PC mientras la transaccion esta en “pendiente”? Hace varias horas una transacción de BTC a Binance esta en pendiente. Subi 2 veces la tarifa en satoshis pero sigue sin completarse. Nunca me pasó.
Espero su ayuda. Gracias

Hi @escoscia,

I can confirm that you can disconnect your Trezor device once the transaction is broadcasted to the network.

If your BTC transaction is still pending, it means that a low fee was set. However, you do not need to worry about losing your funds, the transaction will be confirmed or the full amount will be returned to your wallet eventually.

Learn more about unconfirmed transactions at:

At this point, you can either wait, or you can use RBF (Replace-By-Fee) feature in Trezor Suite:

Please note that RBF must be enabled prior to broadcasting the transaction.