Transaction signing error: -26: 66: tx unpaid action limit exceeded

I can’t send $zec(zcash) to anyother wallet.

Wrong Code is:
“Transaction signing error: -26: 66: tx unpaid action limit exceeded.”

What can I do to fix it?

Laptop: Apple MacBook Air M2
OS: MacOS Ventura 13.5
Trezor Hardware: Trezor Model T
Trezor Suite:

I recently contacted Trezor Support and was told to raise the gas from 10 to 15. However, this failed. I raised the gas to 20 and it still failed. I am still not sure if raising the gas is the solution.

@finalboss basically Zcash changed the requirements for fees (their network now requires zat per logical action instead of zat per byte). Suite dev team had to implement this change, and it will be released in November’s update