Transaction not showing in Trezor suite

Question regarding transactions. I use Trezor suite on my Mac for transactions. I sent multiple transactions on august 6th.

Sent chainlink and showed transaction on my suite. Sent bitcoin and it showed up. I made subsequent transfers from my coin base to my Trezor, the money eventually came in but the transactions are not showing up on my transaction log.

Is this common? the important part is my money is there but I like to see the transactions for tracking… any advice would be great

Hi @bday3030

What cryptocurrency have you transferred ?
If ETH it is quite possible that it was an internal transaction (those can’t be seen in Tx history in Trezor Suite).
More information in the following thread:

Same with me I followed all the steps they told me to and still can’t see it

Hi @fixwwww,

Let’s figure it out in the ticket you sent us.

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I had a similar experience a few days ago. I don’t know if this story is representative for others here, but it’s one example which may occur for other people too.

Task: Swap USDC for ETH through MetaMask (MM). In other words: buy ETH for USDC using MM.

  1. Opened MM and checked that my Trezor device was connected with a green light, Ethereum Mainnet was selected, and that MM was showing the correct wallet (matching the ETH balance) in Trezor suite.
  2. Told MM I wanted to buy ETH for x USDC, which I had as ERC-20 tokens in my Trezor ETH account. I did not generate a Receive address with Trezor suite because MM already had my ETH address after connecting to my Trezor device.
  3. Performed the usual acceptances on the Trezor device of withdrawal of funds (USDC and ETH fee) from my wallet.
  4. After a while the ETH balance in my wallet in Trezor suite was increased, so the funds had arrived.
  5. But The Transaction History in Trezor suite showed only the withdrawal of USDC and the ETH fee, not the arrival of the ETH I bought.
  6. I checked the transaction with and saw that MM had sent my purchased ETH to my ETH wallet’s address as an Internal Transaction(!)

No wonder the arrival of the ETH to my wallet never showed up in the Transaction History.

Now, I can’t answer why MM sent the purchased ETH to me with an Internal Transaction. Maybe it was cheaper or faster for MM to do it that way, I don’t know. Maybe Coinbase and others also do the same.

Edit: I thought that Internal Transactions were used for things like contract negotiations and blockchain operations, not sending coins, but I guess that too can be considered a blockchain operation. :thinking:

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21 nov. - 4 days ago I used to change 3000 USDT ERC20 to ETH using trezor suite. After that - the balance is right, but there is no transaction of recieving ETH in history. In my opinion thats unsafe - when transactions doesn’t display and total balance doesn’t match transaction history. Need help to fix this.

Used hardware - Trezor model one

Hi @Dimitrii,

The ETH was probably sent to your account through an Internal Transaction. Internal Transactions aren’t supported by Trezor Suite. Yet. If you look up the transaction on a blockchain explorer, like Etherscan, you’ll probably see that the last transaction in the set is internal. I had a similar experience a month ago.

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As a first time user of a newly purchased Model One, I did a test transaction from coinbase to Trezor Suite of Ethereum and the transaction appeared within minutes. Feeling confident, I transferred the remainder of my Ethereum to Trezor Suite. The second transaction does not appear, although I can tell by the total ETH in the account that the second transaction has indeed made it over. Why can I not see the second transaction under “transactions”? Thank you if you could help. Gratitude and most appreciated.

Hi. As stated, my first transaction appears clearly in Trezor Suite under transactions. I used exactly the same procedure for my second transaction. Why would one appear and not the other? They are identical. Thanks.

@michaeld this is your issue, it has been posted above, discussed many times on the forum:

this will be solved soon, we are working on it

I have a similar error, but with btc, I just deposited an amount in trezor that is not adding to the total amount, can anyone help? the amount deposited appears in the history, but does not appear in the total balance


Please see my reply to you in another thread. And please don’t double post.