Transaction fees units - sat/vB vs sat/B

Hey guys, does Trezor really use fees in sat/B or sat/vB like mempool explorer?
If so, @trezor can you put in your pipeline option to change these units?

Thank you for you guidance.

Hi @Honey-B,

Trezor doesn’t take any fees, but the network will usually take fees when you transfer funds out of Trezor or from one wallet in Trezor to another wallet.


  • Transfer 0.5 ETH from your Trezor to your friend in another country: only Ethereum network fees.
  • Move 0.5 ETH from your Standard wallet in Trezor to a Hidden wallet in Trezor: only Ethereum network fees.
  • Transfer 0.5 ETH from Coinbase to your Trezor: Coinbase fees + Ethereum network fees.

thx, but you have missed the point, in trezor wallet you have to chose size of the fee to push the transaction to the block. And it is based on the size of the information, generally satoshi/ Byte but during development of the bitcoin it switch to the virtual Byte with is apron. 4x smaller I remember. So if I look at mempool space the transaction fees are showed in sat/vB (virtual Byte) and trezor suite used sat/Byte which is big difference. OR it is only mistake by Trezor team I don’t know.

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it’s basically the same thing just different measurement sat/vB is specific for Segwit accounts. When sending a transaction from the legacy account, 1B (byte) = 1vB (virtual byte). When sending a transaction from segwit (legacy segwit, bech32, taproot), then 1B = 4vB.

But the issue for this is open so it will be aligned.