Transaction error

I keep getting this error when I try to send USDT from trezor suite to my phantom wallet

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is USDT token supported on Solana on a trezor?
Not sure it is…

Anyone know the answer to this?

Hi @Lucao54 and @doge,

I can confirm USDT SPL token is supported by Trezor devices and directly supported in Trezor Suite.

It looks like there is an synchronization issue with the Solana backends. I will ask you to try to switch these manually.

Please, try to switch the Solana backends in the “Settings” (the gearwheel symbol in the top right corner of Trezor Suite) under the “Coins” tab:

The Solana “cogwheel” will appear after you move your cursor over the “Solana”. Please, click it and in the next form select “Custom Solana server”:

Try to enter these servers, one of them should work:

If the issue persists, try another completely different option to avoid the Trezor backends that may have been causing issues for you. As of now, there is one third-party wallet compatible with Trezor devices and Solana at the same time; this wallet is called NuFi ( There, you can try to pair your Trezor device and send the funds using the NuFi wallet.

Let us know the results.