Trade Solana -> Exchange -> "No providers"

When I attempt to trade SOL within Trezor-suite, all I get is the message “No providers”. Any ideas?


Same for me. And I cant send my Solana and Etherium.

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We stopped Solana offers because of the ongoing issue with the transaction fees.

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Which issue with transaction fees do you mean, if I may ask? I didnt notice this. I only noticed, that I am unable to send my Solana Tokens… do you know when this will be approxamately be fixed? Kind regards

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Same issue here. Any idea when this bug will be resolved?

Hi @xxxxxx and @Yves,

The priority fee feature for Solana transactions has been implemented in the latest version of Trezor Suite (v24.3.3) which can be downloaded at Trezor Suite App (Official) | Desktop & Web Crypto Management

You should be now able to send your Solana and SPL tokens without issues.