Totally new potential customer, confused by jargon!

I’m a new potential customer, totally new to crypto and I find almost ALL of the support in “a language I don’t understand”!
My coinbase account is requiring a 2-factor identification and I don’t want to use google or microsoft or apple. I also want my coins in my own possession (wallet?) and NOT online. I also want the benefit of a long phrase to recover and/or access my coins if I lose my physical wallet.
Will the Trezor T1 do all that? I also see the TT stores things in the device and not online. Is this something a rank beginner needs?
Also, can anyone can give me a primer on wallets that is written for someone with zero knowledge of cold wallets and crypto can understand??? I feel like ALL of the support articles are speaking a foreign language!!

what do you mean by “long phrase”? Are you referring to standard 12/24 word seed phrase? If yes, then the answers is yes, Trezor generates your own and keeps it safe

nothing is stored in the device, everything is on the blockchain and you use your private keys to access the coins and sign transactions.

It is explained in a simple way here: Where in the world are my coins?. Back to Basics | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

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