Token Support on Solana Chain unclear

Since 2023 there is Solana and SPL Token support on Trezor. But Trezor seems to support only a few SPL Tokens, I do not understand why. HNT and Solend seems to have no support. In Addition it is sometimes unclear on which chain there is support. Sometimes it is written, sometimes it is not. The List of Supported Coins and Tokens is ambiguous and seems to be outdated. Totally messed up.

Hi @Dabanundabu,

I would like to clarify that all SPL tokens are supported by firmware of Trezor Model T and Trezor Safe 3. However, Tokens 2022 are not directly supported in Trezor Suite. For these tokens you need to use third-party wallet NuFi that supports these tokens and Trezor devices.

Thank you for the answer. Neither HNT nor Solend seem to be 2022 Tokens. Is there any reason, why they are not in the list of supported assets?