The same seedphrase diffrent wallet address generated

I’m mainly using Trezor for ronin wallet. I updated my Trezor T to its latest firmware and as far as I know, Ronin only allowed 50 generated wallets before so I generated 3 sets of seedphares for different accounts.

I did a transaction and I have done a factory reset just to transfer axies and tokens. When I use the other seedphrase it gave me a different wallet address. (I did factory reset before, 2 months ago and had many transactions. Changing between 3 seed phrases). I have checked many times, read the words over and over, used a different Trezor T, changed laptops and PC but I can’t see my old generated wallets.

PS: I’ve read some post here with the same problem but I dont really understand. Is it the ronin wallets issue or trezor? Also did a support ticket - Ticket ID: 195738


Hi 55bite, We’re looking into the details you’ve provided in your support ticket (ID: 195738). We will follow up with you in the ticket soon with further information or assistance.

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Though the information on my ticket is shorter than what I have posted here but still thank you for your response.