Tether exchange to ETH

I have USDT tokens in my ETH wallet and want to exchange them (or some) for ETH. I have tried several small ‘Trades > Transfers’ and filled out everything including choice of deal. Used either Changelly or ChangeNow for the exchange. It takes the fees from my ETH wallet but the ETH coins do not appear in my ETH account even after the transaction is confirmed. I even tried it with USDT to Bitcoin and am getting the same result.
Is there somewhere that has step by step instructions how to do an exchange within Trezor Suite or do I have to export my USDT to an outside exchange and then transfer the exchanged amount back to my Trezor wallet? This makes it much more complex instead of doing it straight from Trezor.
If the only way is a third party exchange, please give advice on which exchange would be most efficient and safe.
Hoping to get a quick answer on this.

Hi @silver1,

please, keep in mind that the processing time of the trade can take hours or even a few days before the trade is successfully completed. The time it takes differs for the used partner and is affected by their internal processes.

Please reach out to support via the chat speech bubble in the bottom right corner on the following page:

Once you will get your ticket number let me know here.

We’ll need you to provide the trade ID so we can check the status of your trade.