Switch from a simple wallet to advanced (Shamir) wallet

When I initially setup my trezor T I chose a simple wallet, then got a seed and backed it up.

Now I want to create a new advanced wallet (Shamir Backup), and move my funds from the simple wallet to the new advanced one. How can I do that?

More specifically, I thought that the hardware device itself is paired with the simple seed + device passcode.

is it possible for a trezor T to be paired to multiple (different seeds/simple/advanced) wallets? how?

Hi @etay

You have to create new wallet (that will be backed up with Shamir backup) and transfer your funds there from your previous wallet by doing regular transaction.

You can use only one wallet (represented by one seed - either standard or Shamir) at the time on top of that you can create almost unlimited amount of hidden wallets.

So practically If I want to stop using my simple wallet and move to Shamir I’ll need to (And assuming I have only one Trezor device):

  1. Create an advanced (Shamir) wallet and copy the public address for the funds to be moved. This will prevent me from accessing my simple wallet easily since now my Trezor is represented by the advanced seed.

  2. Sweep to my simple wallet, and send funds to the mentioned public address.

  3. Sweep to my advanced wallet and start using it.

Is it correct?

Also, what about the device password (the digits)? is it shared between all wallets or a new one is needed when a new wallet is created?

If the latter is true, how can I access the simple wallet after creating the advanced one?

That is correct.

Every time after the wallet is wiped you will be prompted to either create new wallet or recover already existing one. As shown on the picture below:

Also, you set your PIN every time you either create or recover your wallet (step number three on the picture) so it is not being shared between the wallets. (but you can of course use the same one when setting it up).

Thanks a lot for you answer!! very helpful.

Last question: what do you mean by “wiped out”?
What’s the first step I need to do in my Trezor in order to start this new wallet process?

i’m not clear on this. i have a regular wallet, i want to ALSO have a shamir, how would i go about doing that?

You can’t have one wallet backed up by standard and Shamir backup.

So you would have to create new wallet and back that one up using Shamir.