Supported coins does not show in the list

According to the list of supported coins, there are tons, specifically for Trezor Suit.

But when I use the trezor suit there’s quite honestly only a few coins that seems to be available.

Of course, third party wallets seem to work fine and for example exodus shows way more coins that are “supported” than Trezor Suit.

I may be wrong and there’s a hidden setting somewhere but if the only coins that are supported by trezor suit is listed in the application then the supported coins list is very misleading.

Does anyone know how to find all the supported coins? With the ability of accessing the accounts for any of them?

Also, on when viewing the features of the devices, there’s “premium support” for both hardware wallets.

Since there’s literally no contact information or contact form that can be used to get in touch with trezor “premium” support, I find that rather misleading as well.

The main question is about the supported coins but if someone knows about that premium support thingy and how to actually use it, it’s also of interest.

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majority of the coins are ERC20 tokens which are part of the ETH account. If you want to store them, you simply send them to your ETH address and they will appear automatically in your ETH account. As you correctly mentioned, some coins are supported using a 3rd party wallets.

Feel free to check this article, how to contact our customer support.

Well, as far as I can see, you can “add” ERC20 tokens from an adress but there’s no option to create those adresses in the suite… doesn’t that mean that you need a third-party wallet in order to generate the adresses and then add them to Trezor suit afterwards?..

Also, the support article is refering to Trezor Hardware Wallet (Official) | The original and most secure hardware wallet. which is like a knowledge base for self service. Only support available is community Advice which is totally fine but I just think its very misleading to market “premium” support when there are no such option? At the very least it should be very easy to find and I have yet to find it XD.

You could argue that premium support only applies to customers but then they should at the very least have that information in the packaging.

Note that the support thingy is still both a question (regarding where to find that) and a feedback to make it easier for customers to actually contact them.


ERC20 tokens are part of ETH blockchain and this means you need to use ETH address to receive them. One ETH account holds always one address only, this is how ETH works. Just send your token to the ETH receiving address and that’s it.

You can contact our support here: We link to this page from There is a troubleshooter and if it doesn’t solve your issue, it will ask you to submit a ticket.

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Hi Kolin,

Can you be more specific, it means whatever ERC20 token is sent to ETH address it will appear in Trezor wallet as that specific asset or like ETH?
Where is possible to find the list of assets for which this is applicable?

@ SatoshiLabs
For assets like Solana(SOL), IOST and many others from Trezor supported coin list, only mentioned wallet is Trezor Suite, (not any other third party app) but they are not listed there.
If there is really a way for all those assets to appear in Trezor Suite, SatoshiLabs should spend some more time and make some tutorial how all this is working.
For people as my self, who is getting in to all this for first time its quite frustrating to spend all day while searching for answers, and don’t have them on end of day .

Each ERC20 token will be listed within the ETH account separately and you will recognize them by their names. Full list is here: For each ERC20 token you can see ERC20 right after the token’s name. IOST is an ERC20 token. SOL on our list is SOLA token, not SOLANA. Solana coin which runs on Solana blockchain is not supported. The whole Ethereum ecosystem is very complicated for beginners unfortunately.

Hi can you let me know if Telcoin can be held in my Trezor T and if so what is the process for that please?

Thanks for your time

So Does this mean ADA (Cardano) is part of ETH network.
I added an ETH receiving account and the only route that was accepted with my address was BSC
Is this correct??
I agree with Estrobeda Trezors support system is very confusing. Im trying to wade through all the info in the FAQs but its a mountain to absorb

Cardano is only supported on the Trezor model T and assuming you have that, only a third party wallet works such as AdaLite or Yoroi as of yet at least.

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Yes I own the Trezor T

But you didn’t answer my question, which was : I added an ETH receiving account and the only route that was accepted with my address was BSC
Is this correct??

I only answered this “So Does this mean ADA (Cardano) is part of ETH network”

Because I don’t have the answer for the other question so you’ll have to wait for someone with better knowledge than me.

Okay thanks for your input. Appreciate it


Telcoin (TEL) is an ERC20 token which are supported directly. You just need to send your tokens to your ETH receiving address.


as @Estrobeda mentioned, you need to use Adalite or Yoroi to manage ADA. Trezor stores private keys to your ADA external wallet.

Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone knows if the trezor one supports the internet company token (ICP) i have tried checking the coin list but having trouble finding

If the coin is not listed in the supported coins list, I would not trust that it is supported so you can assume it’s not.

Also according to the development article in the wiki, trezor doesn’t seem to be accepting new coin requests unless it’s perhaps based on either Bitcoin or ethereum because they seem to be behind in implementing the coins that they already have, if I understood nthe article correctly.

Which seems like a good idea, would be rather pointless to accept more coins than one can actually implement.

Also ICP tokens are rather new so I doubt they’ve had the time to look into it.

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Hello, have you heard if Trezor One will add/ support the storing of Cardano (ADA)? Thanks

Nope although I sure hope they will because I kinda prefere it because of its simplicity so, it would be much nicer if they could have the same core firmware but just different inputs kinds. Since the trezor one doesn’t have a touchscreen.

But yeah, out of this scope and I have no idea really.

Thanks for the reply.
I reached out to support asking them if they plan on ever adding ADA as this currency seems to have a long standing future IMO.
I should hear back from them between now and the next 20 days.
When I find out I plan on posting their response in this forum.


replied regarding model One and ADA in the other topic you have asked the same questions.